Veronica Kumeta

11 November 2019

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We Donate 97.5p from Every £1 to LFBC…Here’s What Your Money Can Achieve!

Many charities and organisations raise money to support a cause, but do you really know where your donations are being spent?


In the case of most charities, a large proportion of the funds are put towards running costs and overheads such as rent, electrics and the wages of staff members, rather than what the fundamental aims are all about.


Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer is different.


We are proud that we donate an astonishing 97.5p out of every £1 to support those affected by breast cancer, meaning each pound that you donate is making a huge difference to the lives of so many women. We are lucky enough to rely on volunteers to help run our charity, meaning more of the money can be spent where it really matters to make a difference.


There are many different ways we help support women when fighting the disease. Below are the goals we are or have been striving towards and where your money is being spent:



Each of these causes have different financial goals that need to be met; each of which costs between £2000- £391,000. Therefore, it’s essential we get the funds needed to kickstart the process to purchase the essentials for those suffering with breast cancer, as well as allowing women to have more control over their diagnosis. So far, we have raised over £1 million for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham but are looking to develop our causes and give women suffering from the disease hope.


If you’re looking to donate to a worthy cancer charity, please think of Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer – we guarantee that 97.5p of each pound will be donated straight to the cause itself and allows women suffering from the disease to live a more comfortable life.


If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our causes, please contact us or read more here.