How supporting LFBC can help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution in 2019

Veronica Kumeta

21 December 2018

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How supporting LFBC can help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution in 2019

Are you deciding on your New Year’s resolution and or starting in on your 2019 goal setting? If you want to stick to your goals, then making yourself accountable is a great idea. So, why not combine your goal with supporting a local charity like Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer to keep that motivation going?


Would you like to eat healthier and save money for a local charity?

One oft-quoted top tip for making or breaking a New Year’s resolution is to make yourself accountable and another is to start small. So if you want to eat more healthily, why don’t you promise to swap an unhealthy snack or drink you buy yourself regularly – like that deluxe coffee you buy every morning – for a cheaper, healthier alternative – some green tea in a travel mug – and promise to donate the money you save in 2019 (or even just in the first month or two) to a local charity like Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer?


Have you thought of getting sponsored to motivate you to exercise more?

Have you promised yourself in your goal setting that you’re going to exercise more this year? Again, make yourself accountable. Sign up to a local race and ask for people to sponsor your run. When you let people know that you’ll be running it for Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer, you won’t want to let them down, and this will help spur you on to keep training. If you’re struggling, join a running club to keep you motivated!


Why not join us if your New Year’s Resolution is to make new friends?

There are several ways that getting involved with Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer can help you make some new friends. First, you could contact us to see about volunteering with us. As a local charity, we have a lovely gang of West Midlands based volunteers who help us in a whole myriad of ways. By getting stuck in with some of our volunteering, you’re bound to make some new friends.

Alternatively, if you have been affected by breast cancer, then you’d be more than welcome to come and join our friendly choir. Every member has been affected by breast cancer and so you’ll have something in common with everyone there. And you’ll all have a love of singing, of course!


Have you decided to learn a new skill while doing your 2019 goal setting?

If learning a new skill, or honing an existing one, is something you’re eager to achieve as a New Year’s resolution in 2019, this is something that supporting LFBC could help you achieve easily. If it’s more admin-based skills that you’d like to improve, like organisation or management skills, then volunteering for us could be ideal. As a small, local charity, we always have plenty of opportunities, so get in contact and let us know what type of work you’d like to do.

If singing is your bag, and you’ve been affected by breast cancer, then why not join our Breast Mates Choir?

Alternatively, why not turn the skill you want to learn into a fundraiser? This, again, will help keep you accountable. You could learn to bake and host a bake sale to raise some money. Or learn to knit, crochet or make cards and sell off your items, giving your profits to Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer.


If any of these New Year’s resolution ideas have sparked your interest and you’d like some more information on how you could support us, please get in contact.