7 Reasons For Your Business To Support A Charity

Veronica Kumeta

04 September 2018

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7 Reasons for your Business to Support a Charity

When you are looking after the corporate social responsibility of your business you can make connections in a number of different ways. This could be through regularly sponsoring an aspect of their spending or looking to charities in Birmingham to make them your Charity of the Year. The bonus is that this connection can not only help the charity, but also your business. Here we’ve listed some reasons why partnering with a charity can be great for business:


One. It shows future employees that you’re invested in corporate social responsibility

By supporting charities you are able to show future employees that your business is ethically-minded. This reassures them that you are also ethically-minded when it comes to your employees so that they feel they are in safe hands.


Two. By hosting Charity of the Year you can provide excellent team building opportunities

Supporting a charity is the perfect opportunity to get the team together and get to know each other. If you decide to have a Charity of the Year, this gives ample opportunities for training for a 5k together, having a bake sales or charity football matches. It encourages everyone to get involved and socialise while also producing a little more office harmony. If you’d like some ideas about how you can do some team-building activities for charity, check out this previous blog post.


Three. There’ll be more networking opportunities through charities in Birmingham

By partnering with a charity you are very likely to come in contact with other businesses they work with, which could provide your employees with some excellent networking opportunities. This is especially true if you are a local business and partner with charities in Birmingham or your own local area.


Four. Employees will be proud to work for you

By getting your employees involved and showing that you are committed to supporting a charity, you’re employees will be proud to be working for an organization that hosts a Charity of the Year.


Five. You can show the world that your business is ethical

By supporting charities you are able to show your customers that you are an ethical company and trustworthy company who takes their corporate social responsibility seriously.


Six. By supporting local charities, you can show that your business is community-minded

If you choose to support charities in Birmingham, this will show customers or service users that you are community-minded which will improve their faith in the company. And if you are a local independent shop (or locally-ran), this may encourage them to continue shopping local.


Seven. There’s a scope for great media coverage

By collaborating with charities by making them your Charity of the Year you are able to provide your business with more opportunities for media coverage. This is especially at a local level – by partnering with charities in Birmingham, you’ll have more opportunities to make it into Birmingham-based media.


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