Raise Awareness When Breast Cancer Awareness Month Is Over

Veronica Kumeta

19 October 2018

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Raise Awareness When Breast Cancer Awareness Month Is Over

We’ve been having an incredible month during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and have been truly inspired and humbled by the generosity of everyone who has been involved. Raising breast cancer awareness is such an important step to help sufferers gain an early diagnosis and, consequently, is one of the best ways you can help more people survive. But breast cancer patients are diagnosed year-round and it is important to keep awareness going when Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes to an end. There’s are loads of ways you can get involved, whether through becoming a volunteer in Birmingham or being proactive on social media. To give you a helping hand, we have listed six simple ways you can help to raise breast cancer awareness throughout the year and possibly help save a life.


One. Share our monthly reminder on social media

It is recommended that the breasts are checked for anything unusual every month. That’s why every month we post a reminder on Facebook and Twitter reminding our followers to check their breasts. One easy way to spread awareness is to simply share these posts. If it reminds just one more person to check their breasts, it has been a success.


Two. Learn to be comfortable talking about breast health

Talking about breasts can be an uncomfortable subject. For that reason it can feel awkward to talk to family or friends and, more importantly, doctors about any issues. By speaking about breast health in an open and honest way, we hope more people who may be affected will be less intimidated by the idea of asking for advice. Be open and honest when speaking about your own breast health and help us to break the taboo.


Three. Wear a Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer Badge when Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over

During the month of October, the famous breast cancer awareness is everywhere. But it’s not restricted to October. Continue to help us to spread awareness of breast health by showing off your LFBC badge and support a local charity year-round. Whether you wear a pin badge on your coat, add an image to the footer of your emails or put a sticker in your car window, every small reminder can help. Please e-mail info@lfbc.org.uk for your badge.


Four. Volunteer in Birmingham and beyond

We have volunteers who help us in many different ways. One important way is by helping us with our stalls at public places like the QE hospital. These public stalls not only help us raise money for breast cancer patients at the hospital, but also help us to raise awareness of breast cancer to passers-by. We are always looking for helpers to volunteer in Birmingham and beyond to help us with stalls like this, so please get in contact if you’d like to help us.


Five. Host a regular charity event

Holding a charity event doesn’t have to be a big, glitzy, organizational challenge. There are plenty of super easy ways to raise money for charity, from a having charity book desk at your office to hosting a clothes swap-shop . That little sign in your office could be the reminder someone needs to check their breasts and having some friends over for a charity clothes swap could be the prompt one of them needed to discuss their breast health with a doctor.


Six. Pick up one of our Z cards and encourage your friends to do the same

Did you know that we have Z cards that are packed full of important information about breast cancer, including how to give yourself an self-examinations. These cards give you all the details you need to know and fold up into a card that is the perfect size to pop into your purse or wallet. Please contact Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer to receive one and help spread awareness by encouraging your friends and family to do the same.


If you’ve been inspired to raise some money or awareness for us, or would like to become a volunteer in Birmingham or nearer to you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.