4 Easy Easter Fundraising Ideas For Your Business’ Corporate Fundraising Project

Veronica Kumeta

08 March 2019

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4 Easy Easter Fundraising Ideas For Your Business’ Corporate Fundraising Project



Does your office or place of work want to give a helping hand to those affected by breast cancer in the West Midlands by doing some corporate fundraising? With Spring and Easter just around the corner, the weather is getting a little better and can be a great time to get your office together for a charity social, so we’ve come up with some simple Easter fundraising ideas for you! If you’re feeling the challenge, you could give all of these office fundraising ideas a go, or just try one! Remember, any amount of money that you raise for us is vital for helping us help breast cancer patients.


1/ Easter fundraising ideas 101…

Easter egg hunts aren’t just for the kids! And we know that most people can be encouraged to participate with the right amount of chocolate! You could keep it simple and just hide some small chocolate eggs around the office and ask colleagues to donate some money in order to take part, or create a full-blown interactive smartphone scavenger hunt around the local area using an app. Easter eggs for the the winners too, of course!


2/ The classic office fundraising ideas are the best…

An oldie but a goldie…grab a jar, fill it with mini eggs (remembering to count them!), ask for donations in exchange for a guess at the number of mini eggs and the jar goes to the person with the closest guess. One super simple office fundraising idea!


3/ Easter egg gifts Mean Girls style…

For those who haven’t watched Mean Girls (Why not? It’s fetch!) the students, just before Christmas, sign up and pay a small group of students to gift candy canes to their friends. The small group then, dressed as Santa Claus, hand them out before the term breaks up for Christmas. Swap the candy canes for Easter eggs and the Santa suit for an Easter bunny outfit and you have yourself an easy but eggselent easy corporate fundraising event!


4/ Let the chocolate games begin…

Another super easy and slightly silly lunch time office fundraising idea…charge every participant a donation and let the games begin! You could try the chocolate coin competition, where you each put a chocolate coin on your forehead and have to use your face muscles to wiggle it down and into your mouth. Or maybe the Smarties chopsticks challenge, where two participants compete to move a bowl of smarties one by one to an empty bowl using only chopsticks. Or the wrapped up chocolate cutting challenge where a timer is set and 4-6 participants roll a dice in turns and if they roll a six, put on a hat scarf and pair of mittens and use a knife and fork to cut up and eat as much of a slab of chocolate as possible before the next six is rolled and the person who just rolled a six takes their turn. Whoever has the mittens on when the timer runs out wins.


So there you have it…four easy Easter office fundraisers sorted!


Don’t forget to check out our News feed for lots of other fundraising ideas you can do with your colleages. Want to find more information about how your workplace can get involved in fundraising for us? Check out our Get Involved page.