Office Christmas Party Ideas That Give Back

Veronica Kumeta

23 November 2018

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Office Christmas Party Ideas That Give Back

Try making your office Christmas party extra special this year by giving something back to the community while you celebrate. Check out some easy Christmas party alternatives and alterations below!


Office Christmas Party Ideas That Give Back: The Party Itself


Set an extra place at the table at the office Christmas party

If you’re organising this year’s office Christmas party, while you’re crunching the numbers, why don’t you account for an extra person coming to the social? Ask everyone to pay just a few pounds more to pay for that extra place and donate the money from that extra place to Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer to help someone in Birmingham fight breast cancer this Christmas.


Dine cheap and donate the extra money

Similarly, when you’re looking around for venue to book, why not have a look at somewhere cheaper than where you’d usually go but ask colleagues to pay the same price and donate the extra money to charity? Or hold a Christmas social in the office itself and ask colleagues to provide a little bit of food for a buffet, then ask for an entry donation and give the donations to charity.


Volunteering Social: Birmingham Christmas party with a difference

Instead of going out to dinner for your standard dinner-in-Birmingham Christmas party, why not get the office to do some good this Christmas? You could come and do some fundraising for us as a group for a few hours and then go out for drinks after!


Office Christmas Party Ideas That Give Back: The Extras

If you don’t need any office Christmas party ideas in terms of what you’re doing and where you’re going, why not try adding in some fundraising into what you’ve already got planned?


Hold a raffle

If you’ve already got your office Christmas party sorted, you could always encourage some charity donations by holding a raffle. Ask your company bosses if there is something that they could give away for the raffle, or ask local businesses if they’re willing to donate a prize.


Elf Auction

Another way you could raise money at your office Christmas party is with an Elf Auction. Ask a few people to volunteer as Office Elves and auction them off to other colleagues at the social. This elf must then do the bidding of the donator all the way until Christmas, while the donation money could go to Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer and help breast cancer patients in Birmingham at Christmas.