Veronica Kumeta

10 July 2019

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How Common is Breast Cancer in the UK?

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in women in the UK and makes up 15% of all cancers in the UK. *1

According to a study carried out by Cancer Research between 2014-2016, there were around 11,400 cancer-related deaths in each day in the UK; with breast cancer accounting for 7% of the figure. Breast cancer is also the second-biggest killer of women in the UK and alarmingly, is the cause of over 11,500 every year. *1


Typically, most women who are diagnosed are usually over the age of 50, but it is also common in younger women.


According to the NHS, one in eight women will get breast cancer at some stage in their life, however, the good news is that if it is caught early, it is much easier to get under control, which is why it’s important to teach more on early signs and symptoms. *2 Doing so will encourage more women to go straight to their GP if they find any usual signs that on or around their breast that is unfamiliar to them.


Although breast cancer is most common in women, it can also be found in men, however, this is much rarer.


The Independent *3 reported that in the UK alone, 390 men are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in comparison to 54,000 women.* According to the above Cancer Research report, 80 men died as a result of breast cancer in 2016. It was found that men who are between the ages of 60-70 are at greater risk, as well as those who have particularly high oestrogen levels.


Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go when it comes to finding a cure for cancer and at the current time, only 25% of cancer cases are preventable *1 .


One of the latest discoveries that hit headlines recently was that those who wake up earlier in the morning could be at a significantly lower risk. Yet, most findings are still very much in the research stage, so it’s vital that work into research and development continues.


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