Veronica Kumeta

27 November 2019

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Goodbye to Cansie Cancer

A cancer cell gets its marching orders in a new book that will help survivors of breast cancer explain the disease and its treatment to their children.


The book entitled ‘Goodbye to Cansie Cancer,’ features a foreword by Lord Digby Jones and tells the story of a cancer cell which is successfully removed from the breast.


It begins when Bella Breast and her friend Selina Good- Cell confront a new naughty cell called Cansie, which arrives in the town of Bodiwell. When Cansie begins to make other cells which are just like her, the two friends waste no time in seeking the help of Dr T-Cell, to remove her from Bodiwell.


The book is one of a series of books on health literacy for children which portray the body as a town called Bodiwell. It was commissioned by Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer (LFBC), a West Midlands charity which supports women affected by Breast Cancer and written by Joan Blaney CBE, a children’s author from Oldbury, West Midlands.


LFBC received a donation of £1,500 from M6toll to help fund the project.


“Diagnosis of cancer is devastating news for a family. The treatment that follows, which often results in emotional and physical challenges, can be a daunting experience for children. This book is a fantastic resource and we’re proud to support it.”

Maxine Estevez of m6toll


Ann MacMillan, a breast cancer survivor says, “This little book will help free children of any blame they may feel as it explains how cancer happens, its harmful effects and how it can be treated, in a non-frightening way.”


Download Bodiwell Book or download the Audio Version and then Donate to LFBC