Foodie Fundraising Ideas: Coffee Morning, Charity Bake Sales and More

Veronica Kumeta

09 November 2018

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Foodie Fundraising Ideas: Coffee Morning, Charity Bake Sales and More

Are you missing The Great British Bake Off as much as we are?!  Whether you’re the next Rahul or not, foodie fundraisers can be a fun and tasty way to raise some money and test out your skills. Check out our list of our favourite foodie fundraising ideas, from a coffee morning or charity bake sale, to something more unique and those literal and metaphorical juices flowing:


1. Hold a charity bake sale


Let’s start super simple: holding a charity bake sale. Ask your place of work or a local fayre if you can set up a stall, then get friends or colleagues to put their baking skills to the test and contribute their best efforts. You could even turn it into a competition and award points if certain things are included – a breast cancer awareness logo, jam, some Smarties etc. And an award for the winning cake, of course!


Here are some excellent easy bake sale recipes to get the inspiration flowing:


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2. Host a Come Dine With Me evening


If you’re looking for an easy fundraising idea that lets you hang out with your friends while getting fed, this one might be for you! Show off your culinary know-how and cook up a frenzy for your friends. Choose one night a week and ask each person in the group to prepare a meal and entertainment for the rest of the guests. Ask guests to contribute a donation similar to how much they’d pay for the dishes at a restaurant and donate it to charity. Simple!


3. Masterclass


Do you know a professional cake maker? Or chef? Ask them if they’d volunteer some time to run a cooking, baking or cake decorating masterclass. Ask participants to donate money towards the experience and donate the profits to charity.


4. Coffee Morning


This one is super easy! Open up your living room or office for a few hours and invite people to provide cakes and other goodies, while you provide the tea and coffee. Ask for donations towards the sweet treats or for entry and give the coffee morning money to charity. You could hold other fundraisers at the same time, like a raffle or tombola.


5. Meal Swap


If the other fundraising ideas seem a bit ambitious, this one could be a little easier. Set yourself a challenge that could help you cut some naughty habits and actively raise money for charity. Just swap a food or drink you’d usually have when you’re out and about for a cheaper alternative (or don’t have it at all) then hold on to the extra pennies you would have spent and donate it to charity. Do you grab a latte and a snack from the coffee shop opposite work every morning? Why not set yourself the challenge of swapping your large caramel latte and pain au chocolat for a filter coffee and instant porridge when you get to the office for a few months and donate the coffee money to charity?