How donating to charity can be the best gift you give this Christmas

Veronica Kumeta

07 December 2018

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How donating to charity can be the best gift you give this Christmas

One of the best parts of Christmas (apart from the mince pies) is that it encourages everyone to spread a little bit of love. If you’re struggling to buy a gift for a loved one – as you really don’t know what to buy someone who has everything, having spent hours scrolling down Christmas Gift Ideas For Her lists online and still having no idea what to get – donating to a charity close to their heart can be a winner.


Be thoughtful with Christmas donations


Everyone appreciates a thoughtful present. The purpose of gift giving is to show you care and so the best presents are those that have been thought about. Show that you pay attention, that you listen and that you care about what your loved one cares about. If the fight against breast cancer is close to their heart, giving Christmas donations to Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer in their name can be a wonderful gift that will be truly appreciated.


Christmas Gift Ideas For Her that save storage space, the planet and lives


At Christmas, we often end up with gifts that don’t get used.  Those bath bombs that sit in the bathroom cabinet, the novelty socks that lie somewhere in your chest of drawers, the tea cosy stuffed in the cupboard above your coffee maker… So, when you’re wandering around the Bullring, struggling to think of what to buy someone who has everything, rather than buying that dubious novelty department store gift in the Christmas Gift Ideas For Her section, why don’t you save the recipient some storage space (and save the planet) by gifting a donation to a charity instead? While your girlfriend doesn’t really need that novelty dancing teddy bear (complete with Christmas tree jumper) you’re thinking of getting, there are a large number of people out there who really do need potentially life-saving hospital equipment. Equipment that can only be bought with your Christmas donations.


Encourage donations yourself if you incite “what to buy someone who has everything” Google searches


Are you that person that has their relatives wondering (and Googling) ‘what to buy someone who has everything’? If you feel that you don’t really need that much for Christmas and would like to encourage potential gift-givers to give a Christmas donation to a charity for you instead, there are a few good ways to go about it. Facebook, for example, has recently introduced a feature that allows you to set up a fundraiser for certain events. So, use your Facebook profile to let people know that you’d like donations to your charity of choice instead. Alternatively, you can set up a page on and let people know that they can donate there instead. For less tech-savvy relatives, ask them to pop in some cash rather than any usual gifts or gift cards and let them know you’ll donate the money to charity as a Christmas donation. If you’d like gift-givers to donate to Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer this Christmas, you can also encourage them to donate directly to us via our Donate Now page.



So, instead of buying a naff Christmas gift for the loved one that makes you Google ‘Christmas gift ideas for her’ this year, please consider spreading the love to your loved one, their fully-stuffed bathroom cabinet, the planet and people fighting breast cancer.

Also, please don’t forget that while you’re buying bits for Christmas yourself, you can also help Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer indirectly. By changing your online settings before buying Christmas gifts from Amazon and Co-Op, Amazon and Co-op will donate a percent of your purchase price to your chosen charity.