Five Sporty Fundraising Ideas

Veronica Kumeta

01 February 2019

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Five Sporty Fundraising Ideas

This month is all about the Superbowl for sports fans. So to celebrate, we’ve come up with some sporty fundraising ideas that can help you keep that sporty spirit flowing!

  1. Hold a charity football match

If you’re involved in a local club already, you could hold a fun charity football match with the local U12 team vs. their parents. Or play a fancy-dress friendly hockey match against another local team. Or, if you’re in your local netball team, you could challenge your local football team to a game of basketball. Charge a match fee for your charity sports event, ask a donation from spectators and you could even put on a buffet at the local pub for afterwards!

  1. Have a PE Kit Day to support your local breast cancer charity

If holding a charity football match isn’t your thing, why not persuade your boss to let you have a PE kit day at work?  Swap your suit or smart-casual for some 70s football shorts and a couple of outrageous florescent sweatbands…or something a little more low-key if that’s not your thing. Ask everyone who dresses up (down?) to donate a couple of quid to help the Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer charity.

  1. Charity sports event night in

If there’s a big game coming up in your chosen sport that’s showing on TV, why not make a night of it? You could rent a space and borrow a projector or persuade someone with a big living room to let you use it. Get in some snacks and drinks and ask for a donation to cover food and drink and a little extra to donate to your favourite local breast cancer charity, LFBC!

  1. Compete in a charity sports event like a fun run

Find a local race or fun run and either go it alone or get a group of friends together to join in with you! You could take your charity sports event super seriously and aim for the Birmingham 10k or Half Marathon or do something a little sillier like a Tough Mudder or a Superhero Run. Ask for sponsorship from friends and family to raise money for people suffering from breast cancer in the West Midlands.

  1. Sweepstakes

If there’s a big sporting event coming up (a football final or The Grand National maybe?), try doing a sweepstakes with your friends, team mates or colleague. Instead of the winner taking it all, why not split the winnings 50/50 between the winner and a Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer charity fundraising pot? Win win!