Why you should make a donation to a local charity

Veronica Kumeta

18 September 2018

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Why you should make a donation to a local charity

Whether you are an individual looking to support a cause you care about or a business wanting to make a difference, helping a charity is a wonderful thing to do. But many charities out there get overlooked as they are smaller, local charities. We think supporting local causes is super important and can, in some ways, make a bigger impact on you and the charity. Here’s why…

By supporting local charities, you can see the difference you’ve made

Local charities often have much smaller budgets than larger national charities. This means that when you make a donation, it can make a bigger impact. And it’s likely that you’ll be able to see where that money is going. At Ladies Fighting Breast Cancer, as a local breast cancer charity, we keep an up-to-date list of all the causes that we’re currently funding to help breast cancer patients, so when you make a donation you can see exactly where your money is going.


When you make a donation, you are contributing to the growth of your local area

By contributing to charities in Birmingham, or other local charities, you’re able to make  a difference in your own community. This community-minded attitude allows you to help improve the area you spend so much time in and make it a nicer place for everyone living there. For example, we’re a breast cancer charity that directly support breast cancer patients at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, so if you make a donation to us you know that you’re directly helping people in the local area.


There are lots of local networking opportunities for businesses

As a business or business person in the West Midlands, by connecting with a charity in Birmingham, you can come across some great networking opportunities. Local charities work with all kinds of local businesses in all sorts of ways and can be a real hive of local business activity full of like-minded people wanting to help their community.


You can help to increase awareness of charities in Birmingham easily

Local charities often have smaller budgets, and this often means that smaller marketing campaigns. By supporting a local charity you can easily help to increase the awareness of the charity – whether you make a donation that improves their marketing budget, or improving awareness yourself by running a 10k in their name or sharing their social media posts.