Reconstruction – Nipple / areola – Tattooing equipment

GOAL : 3950 £

Nipple / areola tattooing equipment is essential to reconstruction, making ladies feel good with their bodies again. Helping...

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Core specimen radiography system – Mama tone machine

GOAL : 50000 £

This is a compact and powerful core imaging solution for the biopsy room. Captures more cores in a single image than...

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Faxitron Machine – Campaign 2

GOAL : 45000 £

Faxitron Machines to help speed up the waiting time for results of biopsies, diagnosing cancer faster. We want more...

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Breath Holding Machine

GOAL : 10000 £

This equipment assists holding breath inflates the patients lungs and pushes their heart away from their chest wall...

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Breast Cancer Awareness Roadshows – Campaign 1

GOAL : 5000 £

Breast Cancer awareness roadshows. We go out to businesses to educate employees on how to check themselves and the team...

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Masectomy Bras – Campaign 1

GOAL : 2000 £

We source comfortable and supportive post surgery mastectomy bras for those in need. To give the utmost protection to assist...

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Real hair wigs – Campaign 1

GOAL : 20000 £

We provide bespoke wigs to make these ladies feel like themselves again. Real hair wigs to give breast cancer ladies their confidence...

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Cherished Memories

GOAL : 15000 £

I am a single mum to 2 children; I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer aged 39. I was given the all clear...

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Pink Mobile Mammogram Trailer

GOAL : 250000 £

Mobile mammogram trailer, enabling up to 10 people an hour to be x – rayed in their local area. This means that the...

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Cooling Caps

GOAL : 30000 £

Cooling caps to prevent or reduce the loss of hair during the chemotherapy process. This helps ladies remain...

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